Springtime in January

Author Sharon Rempert
Formation Duple Improper
Difficulty Intermediate-Advanced

A1 (8) Gypsy neighbor 1 1/4 (end in a wave with ladies in the center, ones facing down)
(4) Wave balance (forward and back)
(4) Ladies allemande left 1/2
A2 (16) Hey for four (start by passing partner right)
B1 (16) Balance and swing partner
B2 (8) Circle left 1 1/4 (end with ones below and twos above)
(4) Roll neighbor away with a 1/2 sashay
(4) Pass thru and cross trail thru (to progress onto the next)

NOTES: The last part of B2 goes as follows: All cross the set passing your partner by the right shoulder. Then the ladies veer left and the men veer right with the ladies crossing in front of their neighbors.

This dance was written on a very springlike day in the middle of January.

© 1998 by Sharon Rempert; used by permission. All rights reserved.

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