Feet in Flight

Author Dale Rempert
Formation Improper Duple Minor
Difficulty Intermediate
Music Gypsy Bride

A1 (4) Balance the ring
(4) Roll (your neighbor) away with a 1/2 sashay
(8) Ladies chain
A2 (8) Ladies gypsy (once)
(8) All swing partner
B1 (8) Corners cross
     (1-4) men 1/2 gypsy (passing right shoulder);
     (5-8) ladies 1/2 gypsy (passing right shoulder);
(8) Circle to the left once
B2 (8) Balance the ring; petronella twirl (one place to the right)
(8) Balance the ring; California twirl

Dale: "'Feet in Flight' was written for a special dance that was held at Mercury Hall, a wonderful "new" dance hall in Austin, TX. This hall was a Baptist church in Mercury, TX and is over 100 years old. The hall was disassembled and relocated piece by piece.

"It has 13 beautiful stained glass windows, a fantastic sprung wood floor and the warmest feeling of any hall I've ever danced in."

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