Chocolate Swirls

AuthorDale Rempert
Formationduple improper
For Barbara Williams
A1 (8) Go down the hall four-in-line
(8) Come back cozy
A2 (8) Cirlce left cloverleaf style
(8) Swing your neighbor; end facing across
B1 (8) Circle left
(8) 1st Lady around two and the 1st gent fall through
B2 (8) 1st Man around two and the 1st lady fall through
(8) 1's swing in the middle; end facing down

NOTES: (A1) Go down the hall four-in-line then all turn individually without letting go of hands. (The 1's turn back to back and the 2's reach behind the line and join their free hands.) After coming back "cozy" the 1's duck and the 2's draw their joined hands over the 1's to form a cloverleaf. (A2) While holding hands in a cloverleaf circle to the left once around. All let go of hands with your partner and swing your neighbor. (B1) Take hands four and circle to the left once. Then the 1st lady walks a loop out the men's line, up and around the 2's, then back into her partner's place. While the 1st man, following his partner goes up and around the 2nd man into his partner's place. (B2) The 1's repeat this chase figure swapping roles. Then the 1's swing then face down to dance with the next couple.

Chocolate Swirls was created for Barbara Williams as a going away present on her departure from Austin, Texas. It includes several of her favorite contra dance moves.

© 2000 by Dale Rempert; used by permission. All rights reserved.

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